Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bought more WPZ today, added to already big position

In spite of my own fears, I'm trying my best to be greedy while others are fearful. Today I picked up some more shares of Williams Partners, the operator of the terrific Transco Pipeline. Pretty much anything energy is ridiculously cheap right now, so investors can really pick anything. I picked the best midstream dry gas partnership there is (next maybe to Kinder Morgan).

Williams Partners currently yields 8% and should achieve high mid-single digit growth as the country (and world) continues along its 'supercycle' shift to dry gas. That yield will drop when the company merges with Access Midstream Partners, but growth should increase to 10%-12%. I'll take it. This sucker's at a 52-week low and it has little to do with oil. If I could buy every share there is I would. Looking forward to many years of good income and high growth. Can get in on the ground floor right here.

See, I'm trying to talk myself out of being worried.

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