Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bought BT, United Technologies

First of all, I apologize to anyone who might happen to have been following this journal regularly. I just realize I forgot to continue updating my stock activities here, and have neglected to do so for the past few weeks. For that I'm sorry, and I will try to turn a new leaf by being more regular starting today.

Since New Year's I purchased BT Group (NYSE: BT) for a family member. I did so because I feel the British Pound is grossly undervalued vis a vis the Dollar, and especially the Euro and Yen. As long as that condition persists, I will continue buying British assets, and this one has to be near the top of the list. I like BT's generous dividend. However, I don't feel comfortable buying more for myself because it is already a very significant part of my portfolio. Diversification.

Speaking of which, I also added shares of United Technologies (NYSE: UTX) for my personal account. I have a very long investing horizon, and wanted something a little more cyclical for myself. If the economy is going to accelerate under Trump, then Industrials will be a good place to be and this is one of my favorite among them. My choice was ultimately between this and Stag Industrial, but I decided against adding yet more REIT exposure. Once again, balance and diversification govern my decisions. I do not want a repeat of 2014 when I overloaded on energy. That will never happen again.

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